Small pets and animals for sale in Shelley, ID

We were very surprised when Weston was actually a Whitney, but her love for Tiny didn't change just because we were wrong about her gender. Tiny and Whitney are very social and love people. Whitney is a bit of an escape artist, so you will want to keep that in mind when you choose a pen for her.
Yin is a soft rex. She enjoys being held and petted. She appears all white when you 1st see her, but as you look closer you will see individual black hairs throughout her coat. She isn't a large bunny and is hoping that someone can find her a corner of their home and heart.
Jax is busy energetic cinnamon rabbit. He loves to jump on his tunnel and slide over the other side. He steals his neighbors blanket and hay and pulls it into his own pen. He has tons of personality and will keep you entertained for hours.
Val and Carrot are an active duo. They have been with us since 2016 and would love to have a home to roam.
Frankie's foster mom reports she is smart, curious and independent.
Skittles is a larger rabbit with a lot of personality. He is very friendly and loves his outside time. He spent some time in a middle school and did really well with the kids and noise. We feel he has the personality to make a cute therapy animal. His foster family said they love to watch him play outside because he is so happy. Do you have room for this gentle giant?
Frisco is a friendly rabbit who was born February 2017.
Renee is a pretty quiet, keep to herself kind of gal. She gets along with all her neighbors and is happy to entertain herself. All in all, she is a calm, precious little thing.
Kiwi loves to come to the front of the pen to see what you are doing. She is a little afraid of being picked up, but doesn't mind being held once you have her. She needs playtime and stimulation to keep her from getting bored.
Freddie is pretty gray bunny that would love to find a new place to call home. He is a little leary of people but would warm up if someone would give him some love.
Elise is a pretty white bun with gray marking . She is on the smaller side and needs someone to show her people are not scary.
Judy came to us the summer of 2017. She is eagar to find a home. She is currently in the Boise area....
Charlie is a larger bunny that adores people and seeing what you are doing. She will often be found jumping around her pen and trying to get attention....
Richard is still trying to figure out if people are going to hurt him, but he warms up quickly once he knows you are a friend. ...
Dave is a smart bun who can find many ways to escape his pen. He was found pulling his pen up so he could go under. If you want a bun who will keep you on your toes, Dave is the bun for you....
Emma likes to jump out of her pen and explore her environment. She gets along with other rabbits but really would love more space to call her own....
Sophie is a pretty small tan bun. She is a little timid, but not skittish....
Judy came to us this summer. She is currently in the Boise area waiting for a family.
Bernadette was picked up running around a neighborhood a few months ago. She is ready to find a home to love her.
This baby is located in Idaho Falls and were born on November 20, 2017. They have been well loved by their mamma and have had quite a bit of human interaction. These babies are not in the rescue, but we are helping the owner find a home for them. If you are interested in finding out more about this rabbit, please contact us and we will get you in touch with it's owner.
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